it stings, but not as much as the poison i've sipped.



you make me feel sane, like the words i speak aren't foreign and that i am actually beautiful. my beauty used to haunt me but somehow you've shown me i no longer need those ghosts.

music in my head

you know those songs that linger with you throughout the day because they meant something when you didn't have the words to say it? those are my favorite songs, they are my voice. reality is much nicer when i have this music in my head, it's much softer and understanding.

my wall

sometimes i fear falling in love because i'm afraid to bare my heart and soul to a human being that has the power to break it.

the heart wants what it wants // good or bad

when you shouldn't want them that's when you realize how the brain and heart work. you can count on your brain to rationalize and count on your heart to make the moves, good or bad. but, please beware. if you move too recklessly, you'll give yourself a headache and a heartbreak.

the wrong attention

i know i am your last choice yet when i hear my name roll off of your tongue, i feel saved and restored. i pride myself with every syllable that slips through your mouth because finally you saw me and thought i was worthy of your time. finally, i am worthy.

my ever growing garden

i don't know who you thought i was but sadly you are mistaken. take your dirt from my palms and create weeds in your own garden. i am planted firmly in my dwelling even if some days i weep and let the wind tear the leafs from my stems. sure enough, my bark is striped... Continue Reading →

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