Moving on

I do not regret the feelings we shared,

Only the person I shared them with.

Next time,

I will be more careful.

I don’t miss you anymore.



i will not swallow you, guilt.

i will not take your bruising banter.

i will look out for my heart and soul

and continue to grow.

i will be kind to myself,


until i wake up without the aftertaste of regret.

im holding onto you

i’ve been all over the place ever since you walked into my life 

and a part of me is screaming for me to let go of all of this,

and crawl my way back to safe solitude.

but another part of me, which is usually shy and quiet,

is telling me

loud and clear

to hold on and see where these places take me.

i wear you on my sleeves

i wear you on my sleeve, 

because you are all of my emotions

in one.

i’ve told you to leave,

but you just won’t listen.

but i wouldn’t want you to either,

you make me feel alive.

alive in a way that haunts me at night.

when i can’t sleep until i’ve thought of you at least a billion times.

truly, these feelings should not be crawling in my brain.

but they are.