my constant company

a poet like me never gets lonely;

i have my words to caresss my lips

and my thoughts to hug me tight;

no i am never lonely,

not with my turtleneck warming my chest

and my heart beating as a constant drum of my extradorinary life.

my company lays inside,

my words

my heart

my thoughts;

oh how i am loved.



around me,

i see things you can’t see,

and i wonder why i’m here in the first place.

nothing to truly take in and ponder,

only mouths speaking somewhat of a different language and heads bobbing up and down to each other.

i don’t belong here.

and i think they see it.

or maybe they don’t care to see me,

but they make sure i see them.

in their hands, they hold trinkets and talk about gold cars and places,

in my hands i hold dust and dirt and make them dance in the wind of my imagination.

i am here

and that’s okay,

because i am allowed

to take up space. 


i breathe out. 

Reminder ❤️

I do not need your love to love myself. 

I do not need your love to love myself. 

I do not need your love to love myself. 

I do not need your love to love myself. 

I do not need your love to love myself. 

Repeat daily. Remember always.

Half Past One

If you knew the thoughts floating in my head half past one, would you hand me a bible or would you hand me a gun?

Would you give up on me? Throw in the towel on my behalf? Tell me,

It’s unfixable.

Drown out all bellowing yells of victory and point and lead me to where darkness hides best–in myself. 


Or would you tell my frail heart to stop feeding me lies my spirit despises? 

Would you cradle my mind into your sacred arms and take me by the hand and walk with me?

 Even when it gets dark enough to hear evil howl, will you still walk with me? 

I beg of you,

Walk with me.

body loving

beautiful rays, beautiful these days.

you look like a flower just blossomed, finally ready to accept the applause little mama.

those eyes show a dark story, scars paint the picture of a girl once worried,

about others minds pertaining to her own kind,

but she’s come a long way from those days.

she is stunning. body so comfortable in it’s own skin,

she don’t know how it feels to be loved, but she guesses this is it.

chocolaty velvet self-love, thick envy,

she looks at her self with eyes now friendly.

not pouncing on the imperfections but accepting the flaws she once rejected.

so she aspires to fly as high as she can grow, letting herself loosen her grip of what she can or cannot do.

let it out girl,

feel the air that craves the grasp of your body,

it’s a sacred thing so don’t be scared to show somebody.

shower yourself with gold rain,

let the water wash off all the pain.

twirl in the moment and take it all in,

you were made for this body,

through the thick and the thin.