it sounds selfish to me

is it selfish to

want things they can’t give to you?

it’s not that they lack anything.

they just don’t fill up your cup,

they don’t leave you full.



i think it’s all in my head, you know,

keep it to myself and maybe it’ll go.

or that’s just the lie i like to hear

when i’m feeling low,

god forbid i wake up and realize i’m alone.

3 a.m Q&A

if i ask you a question

at 3 a.m

please forgive me for the weight of my words.

i’ve been intoxicated by my coffee and poetry

and the music has been circulating through my veins.

at this time of night,

my tongue is controlled by my heart


i blurt out words i know i should hold back.

i am grateful for the ache

to every ache that rattled my veins:

i should not have let you steal from me,

i should not have let you dig your hands into my soul.


thank you for showing me that i am strong.

because of you,

i have learned how to fall on my knees and pray.

you meant to drown me,

but i was already drowning in Gods grace.

thank you,





thank you for pointing me to my savior.

guessing game

my complexity as a person has always, unfortunately, left me speechless–

or rather,

incapable of conjuring up the correct word to express the totality of

the vast reaches of my humanity.

and with age,

it has only become a frustrating guessing game of which word will sum me up in that sliver of a moment.