huh, poetry does that

you know…

it’s funny how i open my mouth

just to hesitate

yet can’t stop finding the words

to write on paper.


it’s sad i still wait

why have you kissed me

yet cut me with your words,

can both bitter and sweet

stem from those lips of yours?

i guess i have to wait and see

which one i’ll get today,

i’m always waiting for

your lips to play

all the words

i wish you’d say.

i don’t like that song

i used to love that song,

it’s pulse was synced to my own.

but now it reminds me of the way my

sad eyes wandered around when

my mind couldn’t focus on a single thought.

now it reminds me of the times i would sit


convincing myself that i was destined

to be nothing more than a wilting wall flower.

now it reminds me of the sleepless nights

and the endless thoughts of

“will i ever be enough?”

“will i ever fall asleep?”

i don’t like that song anymore,

maybe one day it will all be a faded memory

but today it stings.

you are who i want//always be mine

you are who i want.

no one else.

the totality of your being lives deep inside of mine

and there is nothing you or i could do to shake each other off.

i melt at your kiss

and my lips part to welcome the familiar warmth,

your body wraps around mine like it’s lived there all its life

yet we’re so different and separate

that at times i ache to know what you are thinking about.

let me know every pain or joy you’ve ever experienced,

let me feel the weight of your world on my shoulders and help you lift it above our heads.

let me be your person

and please

always be mine.

guessing game

my complexity as a person has always, unfortunately, left me speechless–

or rather,

incapable of conjuring up the correct word to express the totality of

the vast reaches of my humanity.

and with age,

it has only become a frustrating guessing game of which word will sum me up in that sliver of a moment.