music in my head

you know those songs that linger with you throughout the day

because they meant something when you didn’t have the words to say it?

those are my favorite songs,

they are my voice.

reality is much nicer when i have this music in my head,

it’s much softer and understanding.


a poet never slumbers

you would think from the amount

of thoughts that cloud my mind during the day,

i’d welcome sleep like a teaspoon of Tylenol to relieve a headache.

but i sit in bed unable to tear my fingers from the keyboard,

unable to turn my mind off and just be.

hold on,

i have just a couple more words to say…

3 a.m Q&A

if i ask you a question

at 3 a.m

please forgive me for the weight of my words.

i’ve been intoxicated by my coffee and poetry

and the music has been circulating through my veins.

at this time of night,

my tongue is controlled by my heart


i blurt out words i know i should hold back.

i don’t like that song

i used to love that song,

it’s pulse was synced to my own.

but now it reminds me of the way my

sad eyes wandered around when

my mind couldn’t focus on a single thought.

now it reminds me of the times i would sit


convincing myself that i was destined

to be nothing more than a wilting wall flower.

now it reminds me of the sleepless nights

and the endless thoughts of

“will i ever be enough?”

“will i ever fall asleep?”

i don’t like that song anymore,

maybe one day it will all be a faded memory

but today it stings.

Open Road 🌌

If I could, I’d drive a long stretch of the highway and keep driving until something caught my attention. In the car would be music that thumps in my chest and spills lyrics on my tongue. I’d turn on a slow jam just as the sun begins to set. I would draw out that moment and breath the crisp air of the birthing night. Windows down, hollow sounds. Once night drapes it’s arms around the sky, the music would reflect darkening excitement. Music and open road. No thoughts of home or destination. Just the rumbling of the base and the overflow of words that mean all too much to me.