i want you all to myself

you know you’ve begun

to care about someone when

you have become selfish with their time. 



i can’t see clearly right now,

my heads a blur that is not giving my heart any heads up,

and now my heart has fallen into a pit without warning. 

i am not myself,

more like a “stuck in time” version of me,

i am frozen in my fear,


there’s a bulldozer headed my way, they call it dangerous and destructive,

i’ve embraced the scare.

though i’m still scared. 

it’s time to heal.

i need to stop reading

some of my poetry because

what people don’t understand is that the words

typed or written on those pieces of paper

have the power to transport you

back to those moments that you just

want to forget about

or heal from.

how i like my poetry

i don’t like ambiguous poetry.

i like my poetry to be blunt and raw and straight to the point, like how i wish i could be.

no fancy figurative language to cover up the truth leaping off my tongue. just me and the pen. 

that’s how i like my poetry.