i am yours 

i have never belonged,  yet; somehow,  i find it so easy to belong to you. 


my constant company

a poet like me never gets lonely; i have my words to caresss my lips and my thoughts to hug me tight; no i am never lonely, not with my turtleneck warming my chest and my heart beating as a constant drum of my extradorinary life. my company lays inside, my words my heart my... Continue Reading →

Paris is a dream 

take me to Paris so i can butcher beautiful words and mimic foreign accents and drink incredibly expensive coffee and pretend i like tea at 3 in the afternoon. i will walk around while simultaneously falling in love with the romance language subliminally spoken  all around. take me to Paris so that i can take... Continue Reading →

the flood 

i think too much, but apparently that's what  gives a writer the upper hand.  who said i wanted the pen in the first place? yet it's been handed to me. therefore, i will let my thoughts spill over in floods and watch the words fall like honey from my mouth and prick like the thorny... Continue Reading →

you’re enough for me 

you say you're no good for me, let me be the judge of that. i have to bring my finger to your lips to stop you from uttering  those words that bring saddness to your eyes and i want to kiss those thoughts far, far away.  you're good for me, enough for me, i promise.


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