pieces of you

i find myself doing what he does because it reminds me of when his arms were around me, and his fingers were interlocked with mine. i cannot refrain from mimicking the small beauties of his ways, they are a part of me now, a part of me i don’t ever want to lose. i find... Continue Reading →


baby, believe me

my words might come out as simple as sugar but baby, they mean the world in all its richness. 

up close & personal

he's taken my metaphors and similes and alliterations and everything that has kept my heart concealed. there's no hiding around words or potent sentences anymore, he's up close and personal.

the kind robber 

he wants to know what's behind the door of my most caged in thoughts, sound the alarm! he's gotten in. my heart is no longer a secure vault, it's security system has been temporarily disarmed, and i allow him to linger. i don't wish to keep those doors shut,  instead, i want to be somewhat... Continue Reading →

i wait for Jesus 

i've been sinking on the low, cradling my broken pieces in between bent arms, trying to figure out what i'm going to do with them. but i forgot that i didn't have to figure it out alone, because along with the puzzle, my heart was a riddle Einstein wouldn't have the brains to solve. i... Continue Reading →


i can't see clearly right now, my heads a blur that is not giving my heart any heads up, and now my heart has fallen into a pit without warning.  i am not myself, more like a "stuck in time" version of me, i am frozen in my fear, unmoving. there's a bulldozer headed my... Continue Reading →


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