getting sleepy

thoughts like fists around my throat,

growing unconscious from its tight hold,

this was how i used to fall asleep.


Poem Inspired By Inaugaration Day: “In spite of it all;” 

Cries for help 

Are muffled by the hands 

Of those that 

Sit on the titling and vulnerable axis of the earth.

And they only

Bend down,

Arms outstretched in selfish ambition,

To collect the shiny, useless things they crave and devour.


Take what’s yours to take.

The people will suffer but,


If you were to spend a day, week–

God forbid! A month…

In their bottomless, worn out shoes,

You would crumble.

Because you are made of straw.

The dirt of this earth, the essence of essential and the basis of our foundation,

Stack them all real high,

Apply some pressure,

And you get steel and brick,

Strong enough to weigh down that paper house of yours.

Shut them up,

But listen closely

To the chains snapping and falling, quite surely,

To the ground.

In spite of it all; watch them fall. 

What I haven’t said // What I should’ve said 

The words melt in my throat and harden like wax, molding into formless shapes and unspoken thoughts. 

A sharp pang of regret hits my teeth and a growl begins to reside in my mind, shouting and hollering,

Pounding on my pulsing veins to be

Let out.

Now I have a throbbing headache and a resounding chant in my chest.

I’ll say it next time, I think. 

But the empty words have become molten lava in the pit of my stomach.

They’ve sunk down to the very bottom, 

I’ll have to dig it back up.