Seven Times Seventy, I Still Rise. 


I will rise

Though the target is

Cut into my back

And my strength seems to be


And the thorns in my side

Have come alive

And the dark days

Have come back to devour

I keep moving to the beat of

Gods love

I keep marching on

Pressing on

To claim what’s rightfully mine

Because my father sits on a throne

And so I am heir to a king,

The king. 

The fall comes at a price

That he has paid


And again

Times seven,

I rise.

This end has to be a good one,

This journey has to greet the heavens

I have to win

You see,

I have been set up for victory.

Though the demons know where to dig their nails into,

My father knows where to heal, where to patch up, where to strengthen

So you see,

He is unstoppable,


So am I. 


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