He spread her wings and now she flies 

her pained expression smoothed out and the wrinkles under her heavy eyes were erased. the heaviness of her steps grew light and wings were attached to her once aching back. the dark spiny road she’d been traveling on came to a sudden halt and there she stood in front of a door. as grand as one could imagine. she went to go open it but before she could, it opened up for her, an illuminating light suddenly glistening all over her body. like a hot flame casting a mighty glow over her. she walked into what seemed to be the unknown. and her wings began to spread and she began to cry, because she knew it. she was finally going home.


Hypnotized By A Stranger

I’ve looked at you a million times by now and somehow I still find something worth gazing at. You stand with your head slightly to the sky and my eyes follow to the heavens you must be equally stunned by. I can’t see your eyes from where I’m standing but I imagine them to be something like a tossing ocean. Unsettling but hypnotizing, sending anyone who looks upon them into a deep, deep sleep. Your hair, a swirl of brown and, is that orange? Yet another thing I have discovered about you. My oh my, you’ve got my head in the sea.