pavement going up in flames.

fists thrown up in the air, tears strolling down faces.

prayers being uttered, knees bent in helplessness.

it started peacefully, a group of people plucked from around the world, mourning and speaking.

but rage grew in the hearts of the people and bricks flew and glass shattered.

one dead they said.

civilian on civilian.

and i ask, “why did you kill your fellow brother?”

they ignore me and continue to destroy queen city.

people start to talk in hushed voices,

small voices,

loud voices. and now i hear the trampling of the blood.


body loving

beautiful rays, beautiful these days.

you look like a flower just blossomed, finally ready to accept the applause little mama.

those eyes show a dark story, scars paint the picture of a girl once worried,

about others minds pertaining to her own kind,

but she’s come a long way from those days.

she is stunning. body so comfortable in it’s own skin,

she don’t know how it feels to be loved, but she guesses this is it.

chocolaty velvet self-love, thick envy,

she looks at her self with eyes now friendly.

not pouncing on the imperfections but accepting the flaws she once rejected.

so she aspires to fly as high as she can grow, letting herself loosen her grip of what she can or cannot do.

let it out girl,

feel the air that craves the grasp of your body,

it’s a sacred thing so don’t be scared to show somebody.

shower yourself with gold rain,

let the water wash off all the pain.

twirl in the moment and take it all in,

you were made for this body,

through the thick and the thin.

The birds make their homes

the birds make it so easy, escaping with the wind. they fly until it’s another day and there’s nothing to it.

they slip down only to soar right back up and there they meet their next adventure. they have the whole world laid out in front of them. a vastness of seas and a hunk of land and they keep going.

i bet they’ve seen the pieces left untouched and breathed the air of the unimagined. day to day, they’re somewhere new and all they have to do is watch.

watch the sunrise peak out from the horizon.

watch the moon peer from beneath the clouds.

watch the waves crash onto the shore and recede back into the abyss.

they’re everywhere and no where to be found. they get lost but are somehow spotted again as i watch them swim through the eternal sky. they’re so high. reaching near to the stars that are so far away it’s amazing they even shine.

and the birds get to create their own lives, their internal compass propels them on a journey. they make their own homes in the overwhelming space of this earth. they struggle with nothing but the moon and the sun and the stars.

they dip into the trees and shake hands with the dirt of the earth. they are fearless and leave their destinations in the hands of the calling wind.